best ebook cover maker

The best ebook cover maker

I recently worked with a client, SHI Group China, that needed me to create a series of ebooks for their new website and email marketing strategy. I looked into using some free Photoshop ebook templates and several ebook cover maker creating software packages. I spent several hours on the web searching for ebook templates and ebook cover maker options. It was an exercise in extreme frustration.

best ebook cover maker

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Finding the best ebook cover maker

ebook cover maker photoshop template
Photoshop template is NOT the best ebook cover maker option

I started with the free Photoshop ebook templates. I found a few that were just okay. Not really that excited about them. I tried to modify the .psd layers and change colors and layout. I’m not a Photoshop novice and it was taking a really long time and not resulting in the results that I wanted. After stepping back from the project, I quickly realized that the Photoshop ebook cover maker option was simply not going to give me the results I wanted. Additionally, it was taking way too long to create the ebook cover. The resulting ebook cover made with the free Photoshop ebook template is on the left.


The search continued for the best ebook cover maker

I thought about using Fiverr or finding someone on, but using a freelancer requires providing direction and reworking the final design. What I wanted was something very easy to use that had the options I needed to create a compelling ebook cover. So I continued my search for a time saving ebook cover maker tool. I looked at several.

Here are the options I was looking for:

  • Very simple interface
  • Ability to upload and use your own images
  • Multiple template options for different layouts
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Backgrounds
  • High quality stock graphics to use
  • 3D and 2D options (standing ebook with shadows as well as creating the flat cover for the ebook PDF)
  • Ability to save and use the files later
  • Create packages (book, DVD, manuals, etc. all together)

I eventually found the best ebook cover maker. The online software provides free access to try it out, so I was able to verify that it would meet my needs. Additionally, there are several options to use: per design download, monthly unlimited downloads and yearly unlimited downloads.

ebook cover maker
Best ebook cover maker – End Result

In less than 30 minutes, I was able to learn the software and create my first cover using the ebook cover maker software. I have created several ebook covers now, including the graphic for this blog post, with ease. If you are looking for an easy-to-use ebook cover maker, I would highly recommend you head over to watch the ecover maker video and try it out.

Simple ebook cover maker

To the left is the ebook cover that I created with the best ebook cover maker software for one of the ebooks. Took me around 15 minutes to create using graphics and the logo that I did for their website. Below is a short video that shows just how easy it is to create an ebook cover using the book cover making software.



best ebook cover maker

Watch the Best Ebook Cover Video

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