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Share WordPress to LinkedIn – Excerpts and images not showing

Share WordPress to LinkedIn

After battling with the frustration of not being able to share WordPress to LinkedIn for over the past year with many of my blogs, I finally found part of the solution. I know this is an issue for many people out there with WordPress blogs that they are trying to share on LinkedIn. The Google Trends for share WordPress to LinkedIn is trending very high. There are also many forum posts by WordPress users looking for a solution to excerpts and images not showing on LinkedIn. There is also another issue with many of the LinkedIn social sharing buttons not allowing excerpts and images to display correctly on LinkedIn.

My Frustration Trying to Share WordPress to LinkedIn

share wordpress to linkedin excerpts and images not showing
Can’t share WordPress to LinkedIn

I tried everything, for hours on end. Was it the WordPress template, was it my OpenGraph data feed, was it my social sharing plugin – the attempts went on and on – but still, I simply could not share one of my WordPress blog posts to LinkedIn and get the excerpt and images to show up correctly. It was weird, because the social sharing and blog posts to other social networks like Facebook and Google+ worked just fine and the OpenGraph Data was working fine.

If you are having the WordPress sharing on LinkedIn issue, use these tools to check your site first:

  1. OpenGraph Checker
  2. Facebook Debugger Tool
  3. Google Structured Data Tool

Then I found a partial solution. At least I could share WordPress to LinkedIn, even if the social sharing buttons on the blog post were still a problem. I won half the battle…

Partial Solution to share WordPress to LinkedIn

I was looking for a way to auto post my WordPress blog to multiple social networks and remembered my problem trying to share WordPress to LinkedIn. I thought that maybe one of the Auto Posting WordPress Plugins might be the solution to the LinkedIn issue. It was.

WordPress to LinkedIn solution:

solution to share wordpress to linkedin excerpts and images not showing
Share WordPress to LinkedIn Solution
  1. Install the MicroblogPoster WordPress Plugin
  2. Configure the APIs for the various social networks – make sure the LinkedIn API is in developer mode so you don’t post your testing blog posts to anyone else.
  3. For LinkedIn, you’ll go the the LinkedIn Developers site and click on the Add New Application. Fill out the information. For Application Use I used Social Aggregation and put the Live Status in Development for testing. Then you’ll take your API credentials and put them into the MicroblogPoster settings. Getting APIs for other social media sites: Twitter, Plurk, FriendFeed, Delicious, Facebook, Diigo, Tumblr
  4. After doing some testing in LinkedIn developer mode I was able to get the blog post to show correctly with images, text and links by tweaking some of the settings on the MicroblogPoster WordPress Plugin. I used these settings for the Message Format: {TITLE} {CONTENT_FIRST_WORDS} {SHORT_URL}
  5. microblog poster wordpress plugin settings linkedinFor those with hosted blogs, you might also try Publicize, but my blog is self hosted so this solution would not work.


Solution for Social Sharing Buttons on LinkedIn

While I still haven’t figured out a solution for the social sharing buttons on my WordPress blog yet, being able to share WordPress to Linked by using the Microblog Poster WordPress plugin has provided some relief to my frustration of not being able to share my marketing tools content on LinkedIn to business users. Hope this will help many others with your LinkedIn sharing problems as well.

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