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Movie maker online – How to make a business video online

Using a Movie Maker Online Tool

Having a business video to promote your business is growing more important. With the growing popularity of YouTube, Vimeo and the ability to share your business videos quickly via social media, having a business video is a must to effectively promote your business. If you have a well thought out video with good keywords, search engines will typically show business videos on the first page of the search results, if no other videos are available. This can be an effective strategy to get first page search engine results with very little effort.

Here are a few stats on the effectiveness of business videos:

How to make a business video – Movie maker online

movie maker online how to make a business video online powtoon
Movie Maker Online – How to make a business video online

Making a business video got easier with the creation of the PowToon movie maker online video creation tool. We have used this tool to create several business videos and it is easy to use. PowToon is perfect for marketing professionals, small business and startups, and trainers and educators. Powtoon is a movie maker online tool. The steps on how to make a business video are straight forward. If you can use even the basic functionality of PowerPoint, you can create a PowToon business video. The PowToon interface is intuitive and lets you start creating your business video instantly. There are built in options for automatic animation and then a simple one click export to be able to create a stand alone business video you can download and an easy way to upload to YouTube with a click.

PowToon generates professional business video results that you can be proud of and editing your video for any future updates is simple as well. The steps on using the movie maker online are straightforward, so get started promoting your business with video.

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