5 tools to market your small or medium business

5 Tools To Market Your Small Or Medium Business

I sent a marketing and technology tools ebook I wrote out to my email list the other day with a mind map of tools they could use for their businesses. It looked intimidating and overwhelming. I got some feedback that people didn’t know where to start. There were so many tools and it really blew…

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social media networks CMO's guide to social landscape

Which Social Media Networks Should I Use For My Business?

I’ve worked for, with and started plenty of businesses over the last 15 years. With more people using social media over the past few years, businesses are trying to understand which social media networks they should be active on for their business. The answer, however, is almost always different for each business. Depending on what…

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online influence

Nine Top Tools To Boost Your Online Influence, Authority and Visibility

By Steve Shaw in Featured Marketing The easiest way to create content? Curate it. And in the process, build your online influence, authority, and visibility. Content curation is becoming an increasingly essential component of effective content marketing…

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sharing wordpress to linkedin

Share WordPress to LinkedIn – Excerpts and images not showing

Share WordPress to LinkedIn After battling with the frustration of not being able to share WordPress to LinkedIn for over the past year with many of my blogs, I finally found part of the solution. I know this is an issue for many people out there with WordPress blogs that they are trying to share…

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how to make a business video online powtoon

Movie maker online – How to make a business video online

Using a Movie Maker Online Tool Having a business video to promote your business is growing more important. With the growing popularity of YouTube, Vimeo and the ability to share your business videos quickly via social media, having a business video is a must to effectively promote your business. If you have a well thought…

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sales prospecting

Sales Prospecting: The 3 Digital Tools You Are Not Using (But Should Be)

One of my favorite things about working in the startup community is the exposure I get to awesome new tools. There are tons of smart people building genuinely useful technology, allowing us to continually get more efficient at what we do. There are three sales prospecting tools in particular that our clients and fund companies…

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